500 hours Advanced Mindfulness Yoga Teacher CPD Training (en inglés)

Date(s) - 08/11/2019 - 15/11/2019
6:00 pm - 9:00 am

Remedial Yoga and Applied Mindfulness Training

  • Do you have students in your class with back problems, knee problems?
  • Have you wondered how to work with commonly encountered musculo-skeletal issues in your teaching?
  • Have you seen the powerful healing capacity of a careful and judicious yoga oractice?
  • Do you want to take your yoga knowledge deeper and to another level?

Bodhiyoga offers a 500 hours training, open to any 200 hour trained teacher, forming part of your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as a yoga teacher.

This comprises an intensive training course of seven days focussed on how to apply yoga remedially to musculo-skeletal problems commonly encountered in the yoga classroom. We also explore how to bring Minduflness to our yoga body-work.

It is especially interesting to yoga teachers who wish to deepen their yoga knowledge in terms of applying posture work more sensitively and intelligently as well as explore how to unite Yoga to Mindfulness, Mindfulness to Yoga.

We ask that 500 hour students combine a week long yoga and meditation retreat with us along with 7 day the Advanced teacher training, as well as some home study and preparation to make up the required hours to Certify for 500 hours.

The next course runs 8th to 15th November 2019.

From this course students gain:

  • An in-depth exploration of eight mindfulness-yoga sequences designed
    for a variety of musculo-skeletal problems
  • Yoga posture analysis and anatomy overview to work with low back,
    hip and knee problems, upper back, shoulder and neck problems.
  • Training in how to assess students’ abilities to do certain poses.
  • Develop skills as teachers with regard to adapting classes for people
    with musculo-skeletal issues.
  • Training in how to apply Mindfulness to hatha yoga – Applied Mindfulness
  • How to incorporate meditation and mindfulness into your yoga teaching, drawing from the Buddhist tradition.
  • Teaching practice to refine meditation skills

The course is aimed at people who wish to develop their yoga teaching skills. It is especially aimed at teachers wishing to incorporate a meditative or mindfulness based appraoch to their yoga teaching work.

Detailed syllabus is on this page.

We offer a Mindfulness based approach to Hatha yoga, firmly based in the Buddhist Mindfulness teachings and Contemporary Hatha yoga practices emphasizing technically skilful and safe posture work.

We can arrange a video call via Zoom, Skype or Facetime to help clear up any questions. Ideally you would attend a workshop or retreat with us before the teacher training to get to know us and how we teach.