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-Campaign to raise monthly donations for Suryavana

Hello, we bought Masia Novales in 2016. It has been an act of courage and love from many in our community and we continue to build a Buddhist Temple here in Castellón with the help of many people.
I have been leading the project since 2022 and we started living here in 2020 when we moved here with my family during the Covid Pandemic.

We continue to organize events for our Buddhist community every month, with friends and guests. The main objective is to create a space for anyone to connect with themselves, heal and grow spiritually following Buddhist principles and ethics. We have a rich and varied programme of activities. We welcome people in all seasons of the year and their lives: Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring!
Little by little we are evolving spirituall, and little by little we are improving and renovating the facilities.

We want to launch a campaign this month to encourage you to give money every month to help maintain and cultivate the project. Like any human activity, it requires economic resources and energy. We have fixed costs each month and we want to cover a part of these expenses to ensure more security and firmness in our movement forward.

Our goal is to reach 1500€ in donations (35% of the total of 4203€)

At the moment we receive 422.93€ each month. Thank you to the donors!

How much could I give?

There are people who give 25€ a month and people who give more than 100€ a month. Give what you can, all kindly received.

Monthly expenses

BBVA Bank mortgage (until 2032)1200€
Windhorse Trading loan500€
Private loan (until April 2026) 250€
Propane gas for heating and cooking316€
Property and rubbish tax108€
Maintenance and car*600€
Cleaning and laundry220€
Sudaka (management/maintenance) 686€
*approximate amount

love Sudaka
(Suryavana Chair)

3rd July 2024