Coming on retreat

On a retreat you have the opportunity to make real dharmic progress under very favorable conditions, and for this we invite you to bear in mind the following:

  • For study retreats, please come prepared having read your study material: check the retreat page to see what reading is essential.
  • Avoid digital distractions, such as mobile phones, tablets, etc. and newspapers, magazines, music and novels.
  • Being on retreat is an opportunity to disconnect from your day to day and all the stress that comes with it. A source of stress and unrest can be the digital devices that have taken over our lives. In the retreat we propose that these devices be turned off in order to create optimal conditions for cultivating peace and a space where we can deepen into our inner experience.
  • A member of the team will be responsible for checking your messages in case there is an emergency. You will be given an emergency telephone number when you arrive in Suryavana. There will also be clocks and alarms for those who want them.
  • Please communicate to others that you will not be available, as that you have been asked to not call or send text messages during the retreat. You can provide the telephone number the team member gives you when you arrive at the retreat.
  • We provide a balanced and tasty vegetarian diet. If you need a restricted diet for medical reasons, check with the organizers of the retreat.
  • We also recommend abstaining from smoking, drugs, alcohol and sex during retreat. If you are a smoker, we point out a special place where you can smoke in order to avoid forest fires.